Expected Food Processing Units
  • Wheat based Unit: Noodles & Pasta
  • Biscuits & Bakery Products
  • Dairy Processing
  • Integrated Maize Processing
  • Oil Milling
  • Cattle/poultry feed
  • Pulses Processing (Cleaning, sorting, grading, destining, polishing & packaging)
  • Potato Processing
  • Frozen vegetable
  • Candies, murabba & Confectionery
  • Ketchup & Sauces (canning / bottling line)
  • Spice Processing Unit
  • Jam, Jelly(canning/bottling line), Pickles etc
  • Ready To Eat
  • Packaging & Ancillary Units
Note : The above list of prospective units may be considered as only indicative at this stage and the exact type and size of respective units may only be ascertained during the course of project implementation and marketing efforts that shall be taken by the SPV.