New Initiatives & Objectives of the Project

Greentech Mega Food Park aims to serve as a financially self-sustaining entity to foster the creation, retention, and expansion of agriculture, horticulture, post harvesting processing, value additions, food, and biotechnology research enterprises for the benefit of both the state and local economies.

The Greentech Mega Food Park is an inclusive concept which is aimed at establishing direct linkages from the farm to processing and on to the consumer markets, through a network of Collection Centers(CC) and Primary Processing Centers(PPC). Efficient logistics facilities will connect the collection centers to the primary processing centers, which in turn will be connected to a central processing center.

The Greentech Mega Food Park will have a Central Processing Centre as the nuclei of all value addition activities facilitated by Primary Processing Centers, which will act as point of aggregation and primary handling to provide ready to use raw materials to be processed further in the units to be set up in the CPC. The PPCs will be fed by field Collection Centers which will be the first point of contact with growers.

The collection centers which will be managed by local entrepreneurs will serve as farm level aggregation points for adjoining areas within a radius of about 10 Kms. The collection centers, while serving as the primary nodes for the Greentech Mega Food Park network will also enhance farm level value realization by providing direct market access to the farmers. Also it is expected that the collection centers will in course of time emerge as centers of rural commerce thereby spurring economic activity in the area.

The primary processing centers which will be located near natural aggregation points will serve a number of collection centers lying in close proximity. The primary processing centers will provide facilities for storage, sorting, grading, cleaning etc. Some of the PPCs may also house facilities for carrying out primary processing like pulping and juicing. Each primary processing center will also have transportation facilities like refrigerated vans, trucks etc. for transportation of goods from the collection centers and to the central processing center. Storage facilities will include all weather warehouses and cold storage / modified temperature storages wherever required.

The Central Processing facility will be an industrial park spread over an area of about 50 acres and will house a number of processing units owned by different business houses. Developed plots of land will be provided to the large and midsized units while Common Design Factory Sheds will be provided to small scale units. The park will provide common facilities such as water, electricity and effluent treatment apart from specialized facilities like cold storage, ware housing, logistics and backward integration through the network of primary processing centers and collection centers.