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Opportunities for the state

Greentech Mega Food Park is based on the concept of comparative advantage for food processing Industries. In ht present scenario Rajasthan state once benefited lacks and agro based food Processing. The objective is to augment farmers’ income through increasing yield, better pricing and quality. Wastage reduction, value addition to perishables, ensuring economic and viable processing to produce market oriented products, creation of substantial rural employment opportunities follow the process. The park entails the 'Farm-to-Fork' concept which implies provision of state-of-the-art infrastructure (throughout the entire backward and forward linkages) connecting the farm gate with the consumer.

All round infrastructure and industrial development is key to achieving the objectives of inclusive socio-economic progress of all sections of the society. Generation of new employment opportunities depends on increased economic activity propelled by investment and enterprise, capitalizing on the comparative and resource advantages.

Overall, the project, through seamless backward and forward integration, envisages the following

Setting of 30 to 35 processing units in the Park with a cumulative investment of over Rs. 250.00 crore, direct and indirect employment creation of approximately 30000 persons and increase in farmers ‘ remunerations in the entire project catchment through more efficient procurement mechanisms. The project, thus, holds great potential for development of food processing sector and agricultural community of Rajasthan.

Food processing sector in last half decade shows tremendous growth. This park will benefits Rajasthan to develop food parks but also in setting up of individual food processing units within and outside the park.

It is one of its kind in Rajasthan and sure to go a long way in establishing the State as a food processing hub in the northern part of the country.

This Project enconpass income generation, employment generation, customer satisfication and high quality product.

Food Processors   Farmers
Developed plot in the Mega Food Park on lease with Power, Water, and ETP facilities   Sell produce to collection centres
Reap benefits of power cost, common facilities, testing, government support   Benefit from higher pricing
Increase profitability   Avail of information regarding seed and other best practices
  Improve product quality
Retail Chains   Reduce losses through best practices in handling and packing
Avail of good quality produce   Avail of primary processing facilities, Cold Storages, Ripening Chambers, and Ware houses
Avail standardized products  
Benefit from quality assurance from our testing labs   MNC Exporters
Benefit from good transportation facilities viz reefer trucks and vans   Avail good quality product from producers
Avail of labeling, packing facilities at mega park   Be sure of product quality through food chain
Satisfy your customer through good product   Quality assurance provided